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Why You Should Carry Your Car In A Trailer

There isn’t a secret that having a classic car means you’ll want to show it off from time to time. While you could drive it to different car shows, it’s a good idea to carry it on a trailer instead for several reasons. 

Prevent High Mileage

Probably the biggest benefit of carrying your car on a trailer is the prevention of high mileage. A part of preserving a classic car is reducing the amount of miles you put on it so it will last longer. When carried on a trailer, you aren’t adding to that mileage and wearing down the value of the car. This allows you to maintain the value of your classic car for a much longer time. 

Protect Tires

While some carry their classic cars on dollies, a trailer will protect the tires on your classic car. It’s not only stopping the mileage build-up, but there isn’t any wear and tear on the tires as there would be with a pull behind the dolly. In addition to the tires, you’re also reducing damage to the undercarriage because the car isn’t directly on the highway and can’t be damaged by rocks and debris on the road. 

Weight Management

Some classic cars and vehicles are pretty heavy because of the material they’re made of. Trying to carry a classic car with a dolly could put significant strain on your modern vehicle. If you pull it with a trailer, you can easily manage the weight of the vehicle and get to your destination a lot safer than with a dolly. 

If you own one or more classic cars in the Cincinnati, OH area, contact our agents at McCluskey Insurance Services LLC for a personal quote so you can protect your vehicles. 

Driving Through the Seasons in Cincinnati, OH: Auto Insurance Adjustments

Change is inevitable, especially with the changing seasons. McCluskey Insurance Services LLC is committed to assisting Cincinnati, OH residents in making the necessary adjustments to their insurance policies. This guide offers insights into how seasonal changes can impact your policy.

Seasonal Policy Alterations

Let’s say you’re planning to park your vehicle during a particular season. You might be tempted to cancel the insurance policy once the season changes. However, there are options that allow you to maintain coverage without making drastic modifications. For instance, switching your policy to a comprehensive insurance option offers basic protection against weather-related damage and theft while the vehicle isn’t in use.

Adjusting Work Vehicle Policies

Perhaps you own a work vehicle that you’d like to use for personal purposes during the off-season. Adjusting the policy to reflect personal usage generally results in less expensive coverage. However, it’s important not to drop an insurance policy altogether, as providers often value continuous coverage.

Cincinnati, OH, drivers seeking more information about the importance of auto insurance adjustments are encouraged to contact McCluskey Insurance Services LLC. Our team of professionals will ensure you’re equipped to weather the seasonal changes confidently.

Could a Low-Mileage Auto Insurance Policy Help Me Stay On the Road?

At McCluskey Insurance Services LLC, we know that an insurance policy is essential for drivers in Cincinnati, OH, but the premiums can impact your budget leading to difficult choices. What you may not know is that there are options that can fit your lifestyle and help make driving more affordable. For instance, if you don’t drive much but still want to own and operate your car, you may be able to get coverage for limited mileage each year. Getting to church, visiting friends around town, or getting groceries can still be under your own power! We’re glad to help you find out what’s possible.

Low Mileage and Daytime Drivers

Two options that the Ohio Department of Insurance notes may be available to you are low mileage auto insurance rates and lower rates for agreeing to drive only during the daytime. The first may be applicable to seniors but also useful for those who work at home or otherwise have lifestyles that don’t involve much driving. If your vehicle spends most of its time parked, but you don’t want to go carless, this could be a great option for you. Our insurance specialists can help determine if this is something available in your case.

Consult With Us

Several other ways to possibly reduce your premiums include making sure to remove other drivers who don’t need to be on your policy, especially those with higher risks such as those under 18. You can also reduce optional coverage for an older vehicle where you aren’t concerned about collision damage to the vehicle. At McCluskey Insurance Services LLC call our team to stay mobile in Cincinnati, OH with optimized insurance coverage options to best meet your needs. 

The Pros and Cons of Telematic Auto Insurance Policies

Telematic auto insurance is a modern approach that blends technology and coverage. If you’re looking to obtain a new auto policy, you may be offered a telematic one. McCluskey Insurance Services LLC, providing auto insurance to residents in Cincinnati, OH, we want to help you understand the pros and cons of these policies, so you can decide if one is ideal for you.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages to help you make an informed choice:


  1. Personalized Premiums: Telematic policies use your driving habits to set premiums. Safe driving behaviors like obeying speed limits can lead to lower rates.

  2. Enhanced Safety: Telematics devices offer GPS tracking and emergency assistance, swiftly alerting emergency services in accidents.

  3. Driving Insights: Real-time data on your driving patterns helps you become a safer driver by highlighting areas for improvement.


  1. Privacy Concerns: Sharing data about your driving habits raises privacy concerns for some individuals.

  2. Higher Rates for Risky Driving: Poor driving habits can lead to higher premiums, erasing potential savings.

  3. Device Limitations: Telematics policies require device installation, and technical issues could affect rate accuracy.

Telematic auto insurance provides tailored premiums and safety benefits, but it comes with privacy worries and potential rate increases. These types of policies may be ideal for some but less than ideal for others. Here at McCluskey Insurance Services LLC, we are committed to helping residents in the greater Cincinnati, OH region find the auto insurance policies that best meet their needs. If you are in the market for a new policy, let us answer any questions you may have and help you hone in on the ideal policy. Call us today to get started.

What is the benefit of getting an auto insurance policy in Ohio?

Anyone that is in the Cincinnati, OH area will find it is easier to get around the community and city if you are a car owner. When you are looking to get a car here, you need to have insurance for it as well. There are a lot of benefits that come with this coverage. 

Meet Requirements Set by State and Lender

One of the benefits that will come with getting an auto insurance policy is that it can help ensure you meet requirements set by your lender and the state of Ohio. All drivers in Ohio are required to carry liability insurance whenever they drive a car. Further, if you have taken out a loan, you are likely required to obtain a full comprehensive plan. Getting a proper auto insurance policy will keep you in good standing with all requirements. 

Protect Asset and Yourself

It is also a good idea to get an auto insurance policy to protect yourself and your assets. If you are going to buy a car, you will want to know that your investment is supported. The best way this can be done is by getting an auto insurance policy as it will give you coverage to repair or replace the asset if you incur a loss. You will also obtain liability coverage that will offer support if you are at fault in an accident. 

Give Us A Call

If you are in the market for a new auto insurance policy in the Cincinnati, OH area, it would be helpful to call our team with McCluskey Insurance Services LLC. Our professionals with McCluskey Insurance Services LLC know the value of this coverage and can help give you the guidance you need to build a new plan that will protect you and your vehicle. 

What Happens If You Do Not Agree With Fault After a Car Accident?

After a car accident has happened, the insurance companies will likely make a decision about the fault. Fault essentially means that the insurance company is deciding who caused the accident and how the accident happened. Here at McCluskey Insurance Services LLC, serving the greater Cincinnati, OH area, one of the questions that we are frequently asked is what happens if you do not agree with fault after a car accident.

Here are the options available to you if you do not agree with the fault:

Disputing the Information With the Insurance Company

If you do not agree with the findings of an insurance company, you can file a written appeal. In the appeal, you can state why you disagree with the insurance company about who was at fault for the accident. It is important to do this as quickly as possible after finding out the insurance company listed you as at fault for the accident. 

Providing Proof of Fault

Along with filing a written appeal, you will also have the opportunity to present new evidence that can be crucial to proving you were not at fault for the accident. This may include obtaining camera footage, submitting new photos of the accident scene, or obtaining witness statements that show you are not at fault after an accident has happened. 

Contact Us Today

Unfortunately, it can be challenging to change an insurance company’s mind if they deem you to be at fault for an accident and you do not agree with them. But it is not impossible. The insurance agents at McCluskey Insurance Services LLC, serving the greater Cincinnati, OH area, can help you with your auto insurance needs and your auto insurance claims. Reach out to us today to discuss your auto insurance needs with us. 

Auto Insurance FAQs

Making sure you have the right auto insurance isn’t always easy. Getting advice you can trust is as easy as talking to your independent insurance agent. You can count on McCluskey Insurance Services LLC in Cincinnati, OH for good advice. Our team is dedicated to making sure you get the best insurance at the best price, which is what you should expect from your friendly agent. 

Auto Insurance FAQs

When should you review your auto insurance?

You should review your auto policy yearly when you get your renewal. The first page of your new policy is your declaration page. This is a review of your coverage and it makes it easy to see all your coverage at a glance. Check your liability coverage to make sure it is adequate, and review the other coverage you have. Do you have collision and comprehensive coverage? Has your car gotten so old it doesn’t need it?  Look all the coverage over carefully. 

What auto insurance add-ons are worth considering?

If you have a new car, you might want to consider gap coverage, This will cover the difference between what you owe on your car loan and what the insurance company would pay for if your vehicle was a total loss. For newer vehicles, it can be very important coverage. If you don’t have AAA or you find it too expensive, roadside assistance coverage is very inexpensive and would provide the help you need. 

What does comprehensive insurance cover? 

Comprehensive is non-collision coverage. It covers a variety of things: weather-related damage, things falling from the sky like tree branches and hail, large animals running into your vehicle, vandalism, and theft. Glass coverage for your windshield is also included in your comprehensive coverage. 

Contact McCluskey Insurance Services LLC in Cincinnati, OH for all your auto insurance needs and any questions you may have.

Required Auto Insurance in Ohio

In Ohio, as in other states, it is required that all vehicle owners have auto insurance for their vehicles. And, they must carry proof that they carry this insurance to be compliant with the law. If you are in Cincinnati, OH, and need auto insurance, call us today at McCluskey Insurance Services LLC. 

Required Auto Insurance in Ohio

Liability Coverage

Like many states, there are specific types of coverage that have to be present in your auto policy. There are two different types of liability coverage required with three different amounts of coverage required. All of these must be in place in order to drive your vehicle legally. In Ohio, drivers must have bodily injury liability coverage with one amount available for a single person injured in an accident that was caused by your vehicle. A second amount has to be available for everyone who was injured in such an accident. 

The other type of coverage required is property damage liability. This provides a set maximum amount for damage done to someone else’s property in an injury that was caused by your vehicle. This does not pay for any damage to your own vehicle. 

Minimum Amounts in Ohio

All three of these state-required amounts have to be present in your auto coverage, but you can always add extra coverage to your policy. Ohio has very low minimum amounts required for its auto insurance, and it is likely not to be enough in the case of a serious accident occurring. 

Get Your Ohio Auto Insurance Policy

You’re putting yourself at risk when you drive in Ohio and haven’t gotten auto insurance yet. Don’t risk facing fees and fines as well as expensive medical and property damage bills after an accident. To get your auto policy in Cincinnati, OH, give us a call today at McCluskey Insurance Services LLC. 



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