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How Umbrella Insurance Adds to Your Liability Protection

You require insurance policies that safeguard your belongings. If you own a car and a home, you likely possess the appropriate policies to cover them. Nevertheless, home and auto insurance do not provide comprehensive coverage for all your assets. An umbrella policy should also be part of your coverage plan for better protection. To understand more about umbrella insurance, do reach out to us at McCluskey Insurance Services LLC in Cincinnati, OH.

Adding Liability Coverage

Both your auto and home policies typically include some measure of liability coverage. Each policy will include a specified liability coverage amount, which may not suffice. This is particularly true in grave accidents involving hefty medical expenses. There’s a common occurrence of people not having enough liability insurance to cover these costs. This implies that you might have to bear an additional expense once your liability coverage reaches its maximum.

Paying the Overage

That’s where your umbrella policy steps in when there’s an excess after your home or auto insurance has covered as much as they can. It caters to the leftovers, so your finances aren’t strained. The liability coverage offered by an umbrella policy is enormous. Even a seriously drastic accident could be accommodated under these policies. It can prevent you from filing for bankruptcy in the aftermath of a severe accident. Umbrella insurance is also cost-effective and comparatively inexpensive for the huge volume of coverage offered. It’s more affordable to opt for one of these policies than it would be to add extra liability coverage to each of your current policies separately.

Get Umbrella Insurance

When you’re ready for an umbrella insurance policy, contact us today at McCluskey Insurance Services LLC in Cincinnati, OH.

What Umbrella Insurance Covers

Individuals seek protection for their financial future. Umbrella insurance offers viable coverage for accidents in their dwellings and property. It is the most effective way to get extra coverage for an existing insurance policy. The McCluskey Insurance Services LLC in Cincinnati, OH can assist in showing how umbrella insurance becomes a safeguard for your possessions. 

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Insurance providers define umbrella insurance as extra coverage that protects your financial interest in case of an accident, fire, theft, or property damage. Also, it will provide financial protection in a potential liability lawsuit. Umbrella insurance will pay for all expenses after your existing insurance policy has exceeded its coverage limits.

How Umbrella Insurance Works

Most policyholders will add umbrella insurance as liability coverage to their commercial, home, auto, or boat policy. It will protect a business from potentially losing a lawsuit or insurance claim, as the sum could be greater than the policy’s payout amount. Also, it gives extended coverage to all in the household. Failing to have umbrella insurance could force you to close your business and turn over your assets. Instead, umbrella insurance will pay all claims beyond the policy’s limits.

Is Umbrella Insurance Worth The Coverage Provided?

A policyholder must ask himself if umbrella insurance is worth the coverage provided. It is if you have a significant financial portfolio, as umbrella insurance protects your interests. The protection is valuable in case of a potential lawsuit. However, the coverage will not pay for medical bills or property damage. Also, it will not reimburse for business losses.

If you are unsure if umbrella insurance is the right coverage for your needs, speak with McCluskey Insurance Services LLC in Cincinnati, OH. Our staff can ease your concerns by crafting coverage that protects your assets. Call and schedule a meeting today.

Does Umbrella Insurance Cover Everyone in My Household?

Personal umbrella insurance policies protect against liability that exceeds your other policy limits. People sometimes call these policies family umbrella insurance because they cover all relatives and dependents living in your household. However, the coverage details can get tricky, so we recommend discussing your umbrella coverage with an agent at McCluskey Insurance Services LLC, serving Cincinnati, OH and surrounding areas. 

Covering Household Members

Umbrella insurance covers potential liabilities beyond other policy limits, so your insurance company needs to account for each individual covered by your home or auto policies. An auto policy, for example, covers household members and anyone else who might legally drive your vehicle. Of course, your insurer may adjust the premium on who lives in the household, their ages, and the vehicles in the household. 

Likewise, umbrella insurance generally covers all relatives and dependents living in the household, including children, teenagers, and the policyholder’s parents if they live there full-time. 

The trickiness comes with adult children and parents with separate home or auto policies. For example, some umbrella policies do not cover a child with a college apartment renters’ policy or a working adult child living at home with a separate auto policy. In other situations, the umbrella policy may cover all adults in the household, but its premiums are adjusted based on the presence of the separate policies and their liability limits.

As always, we recommend confirming your policy details with your agent before you need to make a claim.

We Are Here To Help

Each situation is unique, so reviewing your circumstances with your agent is best. For those living in or near Cincinnati, OH, consider discussing your umbrella or other insurance needs with our McCluskey Insurance Services LLC team. Call or stop in today.

Does umbrella insurance replace my other policies?

Umbrella insurance from McCluskey Insurance Services LLC is a type of coverage that provides an additional layer of protection beyond what your other policies cover. It helps protect you and your assets here in the Cincinnati, OH area from potential financial losses due to lawsuits or other claims. 

Umbrella Insurance & Other Policies

While umbrella insurance does not replace the coverage provided by other policies, it is a great way to supplement them and give you a better sense of security. For example, if you have auto or homeowners insurance, umbrella insurance can help to cover costs that are not covered by those policies. This could include things like medical bills or legal fees in the event of an accident. 

Another benefit of umbrella insurance is that it can provide liability protection when traveling abroad. Since most standard homeowners and auto insurance policies do not cover liabilities outside of the United States, having umbrella insurance can help provide peace of mind when traveling internationally. 

In summary, umbrella insurance does not replace other policies but rather is meant to supplement existing coverage and provide more comprehensive protection from potential liability claims. By protecting your assets and providing extra peace of mind while traveling abroad, umbrella insurance can be a valuable addition to any individual’s portfolio of coverage.

Reach Out To Us

For more information, give us at McCluskey Insurance Services LLC a call today. We are proud to serve the Cincinnati, OH area and would be happy to help you find an umbrella insurance policy that suits both your needs and your budget. You will sleep better at night knowing that you and your family will be protected if something ever happens and you are sued above your policy.

Is umbrella insurance only for the wealthy?

Umbrella insurance is an important addition to your insurance portfolio. Many people don’t really know what umbrella insurance actually is and how it could benefit them. At McCluskey Insurance Services LLC, serving the Cincinnati, OH community, we are an independent insurance agency, and we represent the finest carriers in the business. 

Who Is Umbrella Insurance For?

One of the biggest misunderstandings about umbrella insurance is that it is only for the wealthy. While you can be pretty confident that the wealthy have umbrella insurance to protect their assets, it is not designed exclusively for them. It is designed to give an additional level of liability protection to protect your assets, no matter what those assets are. 

Why umbrella insurance?

Umbrella insurance adds that additional layer of liability protection to any policy that you have with liability protection. That includes insurance for renters, condos, homes, autos, motorcycles, boats, RVs, and more. You don’t need to have a lot of assets, but your assets are what you own and have saved. You need to protect those assets from being lost to a judgment against you. 

In addition to your assets, legal action can attach to your future earnings if you don’t have the means to pay the judgment. You could end up paying for years. Umbrella insurance protects your ability to earn as well as your assets. 

How umbrella insurance works?

If you need to pay for personal injury or property damage, your primary insurance policy will pay up to the limit of the policy, and then the umbrella insurance will take effect and pay up to its limit. Most umbrella insurance begins at about a million dollars but can be higher if you need that. 

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Give the office of McCluskey Insurance Services LLC in Cincinnati, OH a call or stop by to get the umbrella insurance information you need.

Reasons to Consider Business Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is a type of coverage that is designed to work with the other policies that you maintain. The limits on this category of indemnification tend to be higher than what is offered on standard insurance. If you make a claim and the provisions on your primary policy are exhausted, your umbrella insurance is designed to pick up expenses at that point. 

Why Business Umbrella Insurance?

Business owners often choose to purchase umbrella insurance when their companies house inventory that exceeds the maximum levels of their commercial property insurance. It’s also generally recommended that entrepreneurs examine risks inherent to their industry to determine the type and amount of indemnification they need to buy. 

Companies that are exposed to greater risk due to operating expensive equipment or fleets of vehicles often opt for this protection as well. Your McCluskey Insurance Services LLC agent can give you more information and answer any questions you may have.

Umbrella insurance is completely voluntary and is not a requirement for those who live in Cincinnati, OH. It is an option that homeowners choose when their property has design features or rare possessions, such as antiques, that are difficult or costly to replace. Umbrella insurance for renters is similar in that it can insure your valuables to a higher degree. 

Landlords also benefit from this coverage, particularly if they own more than a rental. Boaters with pricey watercraft may need a higher cap when it comes to safeguarding their investment, as boating accessories can add significant value to their vessel. 

Contact Us Today

McCluskey Insurance Services LLC aims to support our Cincinnati, OH clients’ insurance needs, as we endeavor to safeguard them from financial loss. Stop by our office to discuss your situation in further detail, or we can be reached by phone or online. 

Enjoy a Pool When You Have Umbrella Insurance

If you’re like most people in Cincinnati, OH, you love spending time by the pool. Whether relaxing with a book or entertaining friends and family, a private swimming area is a perfect way to enjoy the warm weather. But did you know that your homeowner’s insurance policy may not provide enough coverage if someone is injured while swimming in your pool?

Does My Homeowner’s Policy Cover My Pool?

Most homeowner’s insurance policies in Cincinnati, OH will provide some coverage for injuries on your property. However, the coverage may not be enough to cover the costs of a severe injury. If this happens, you could be held responsible for the difference. That’s why it’s vital to have umbrella insurance.

Your McCluskey Insurance Services LLC agent can help you understand your current policy and determine how much coverage you need for your pool.

What is Umbrella Coverage?

Umbrella insurance is an additional layer of protection that can help cover the costs of a lawsuit or settlement if you’re liable for an accident. It can also provide coverage for injuries off of your property, such as at a party. The amount of coverage you need will depend on the value of your assets and the amount of coverage you already have.

How Much Umbrella Coverage Do I Need?

The amount of umbrella coverage you need will depend on your asset’s value and the coverage provided by your homeowner’s insurance policy. You should talk to your insurance agent to determine the right amount of coverage for you.

Umbrella insurance is a crucial way to protect yourself and your family. If you have a pool, ensure you’re adequately covered in an accident. Talk to your McCluskey Insurance Services LLC agent today to learn more.

How umbrella insurance helps you

In Cincinnati, OH, McCluskey Insurance Services LLC offers many types of insurance, but one of the most useful, umbrella insurance, you can only buy when you already have another, primary policy. That’s because umbrella insurance is secondary insurance, meaning that you add it to a primary policy.

Umbrella insurance adds to your liability coverage. You can only add this policy to a primary insurance policy that already includes liability coverage. That means you can add it to auto, home, commercial, RV insurance and others that include liability coverage.

When you file a claim on the primary policy, it can run out of liability coverage quickly. This is especially true of auto insurance. The umbrella policy kicks in when your liability on the primary policy runs out. As long as you have an umbrella policy, it automatically kicks in to cover what the primary did not.

The result of this is less money out of your pocket. You won’t have to pay for a settlement out of pocket.

Without the umbrella policy, if someone got injured in an auto accident you caused after your auto insurance liability coverage paid out, it would be up to you to pay the remainder of the settlement or medical bills. You would have to pay for that out of your own pocket.

Contact McCluskey Insurance Services LLC serving Cincinnati, OH to find out why the low cost of umbrella insurance makes good investment sense. Save yourself from needing to borrow money out of your savings or retirement to pay off a settlement. Add umbrella insurance to your primary coverage today. Let us help you set it up.

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