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Would my 1988 Ford Taurus be eligible for classic car insurance?

Typically, a classic car is defined as a car that is at least twenty-five to thirty years old, though this number can vary. However, classic car insurance has other requirements beyond the age of a car. Our Cincinnati, OH team at McCluskey Insurance Services LLC is invested in educating car owners about car insurance, and the difference between classic car insurance and conventional car insurance. 

What makes a car eligible for classic car insurance?

Beyond age, the make, model, and condition of the car are often considerations when determining if a car is eligible for classic auto insurance. Classic car insurance is designed for cars in near-mint condition that are not driven as the main car. This is often the reason why classic car insurance is less expensive. These cars are insured to be driven considerably less than the main car would. They are secondary cars and not all cars are eligible for this type of insurance, despite the fact that a car may meet the age requirements.

The requirements may vary from one insurance company to the next, which means that one insurance company may deem your 1988 Ford Taurus eligible for classic car insurance, but another may not. Generally speaking, more expensive cars that may be considered limited edition, are more often the cars that are eligible for classic car insurance. 

Get Coverage For Your Classic Car Today

If you have questions about classic car insurance and are considering investing in it, we’d be happy to explore your options and determine if your car is eligible for this kind of insurance. Give us a call at McCluskey Insurance Services in Cincinnati, OH, we’re standing by.

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