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How Umbrella Insurance Adds to Your Liability Protection

You require insurance policies that safeguard your belongings. If you own a car and a home, you likely possess the appropriate policies to cover them. Nevertheless, home and auto insurance do not provide comprehensive coverage for all your assets. An umbrella policy should also be part of your coverage plan for better protection. To understand more about umbrella insurance, do reach out to us at McCluskey Insurance Services LLC in Cincinnati, OH.

Adding Liability Coverage

Both your auto and home policies typically include some measure of liability coverage. Each policy will include a specified liability coverage amount, which may not suffice. This is particularly true in grave accidents involving hefty medical expenses. There’s a common occurrence of people not having enough liability insurance to cover these costs. This implies that you might have to bear an additional expense once your liability coverage reaches its maximum.

Paying the Overage

That’s where your umbrella policy steps in when there’s an excess after your home or auto insurance has covered as much as they can. It caters to the leftovers, so your finances aren’t strained. The liability coverage offered by an umbrella policy is enormous. Even a seriously drastic accident could be accommodated under these policies. It can prevent you from filing for bankruptcy in the aftermath of a severe accident. Umbrella insurance is also cost-effective and comparatively inexpensive for the huge volume of coverage offered. It’s more affordable to opt for one of these policies than it would be to add extra liability coverage to each of your current policies separately.

Get Umbrella Insurance

When you’re ready for an umbrella insurance policy, contact us today at McCluskey Insurance Services LLC in Cincinnati, OH.

What Business Owners Need to Know About Insurance

Starting your own business is an exciting endeavor. Many people have dreamed of this for years. If you want to see this dream succeed, you must consider how you’ll protect all the hard work and money you’ve invested. Commercial insurance is one of the best ways you can protect what you’ve built. Here at McCluskey Insurance Services LLC, serving Cincinnati, OH, and the surrounding areas, we can help you better understand your insurance needs. 

Why Commercial Insurance?

There are so many layers to running a business, and almost all of those layers need some form of insurance protection. Having multiple insurance policies, though, can be confusing and inefficient. Commercial insurance is specially designed to bundle different insurance policies together to help simplify things for busy business owners. When you purchase a commercial insurance policy, you can rest assured that you’ve got your bases covered with the least amount of stress and headache.

What Coverage Do I Need?

Since no two businesses are identical, no insurance policies will be identical. The best way to determine your coverage is to sit down with an insurance rep. This professional will look at all of the details of your business and will advise you on what types of coverage and what amounts of coverage are best.

What Happens Without Insurance?

Some types of coverage will be required for you to operate your business legally. But even beyond legal requirements, you are putting yourself at extreme financial risk without insurance. If there is significant damage to your property, someone is injured on your property, or someone is injured because of your goods or services, you can be held financially liable, and this can put your business at risk.

If you’d like to learn more about commercial insurance, please contact us today at McCluskey Insurance Services LLC, serving Cincinnati, OH, and the surrounding areas.

Why You Should Carry Your Car In A Trailer

There isn’t a secret that having a classic car means you’ll want to show it off from time to time. While you could drive it to different car shows, it’s a good idea to carry it on a trailer instead for several reasons. 

Prevent High Mileage

Probably the biggest benefit of carrying your car on a trailer is the prevention of high mileage. A part of preserving a classic car is reducing the amount of miles you put on it so it will last longer. When carried on a trailer, you aren’t adding to that mileage and wearing down the value of the car. This allows you to maintain the value of your classic car for a much longer time. 

Protect Tires

While some carry their classic cars on dollies, a trailer will protect the tires on your classic car. It’s not only stopping the mileage build-up, but there isn’t any wear and tear on the tires as there would be with a pull behind the dolly. In addition to the tires, you’re also reducing damage to the undercarriage because the car isn’t directly on the highway and can’t be damaged by rocks and debris on the road. 

Weight Management

Some classic cars and vehicles are pretty heavy because of the material they’re made of. Trying to carry a classic car with a dolly could put significant strain on your modern vehicle. If you pull it with a trailer, you can easily manage the weight of the vehicle and get to your destination a lot safer than with a dolly. 

If you own one or more classic cars in the Cincinnati, OH area, contact our agents at McCluskey Insurance Services LLC for a personal quote so you can protect your vehicles. 

Driving Through the Seasons in Cincinnati, OH: Auto Insurance Adjustments

Change is inevitable, especially with the changing seasons. McCluskey Insurance Services LLC is committed to assisting Cincinnati, OH residents in making the necessary adjustments to their insurance policies. This guide offers insights into how seasonal changes can impact your policy.

Seasonal Policy Alterations

Let’s say you’re planning to park your vehicle during a particular season. You might be tempted to cancel the insurance policy once the season changes. However, there are options that allow you to maintain coverage without making drastic modifications. For instance, switching your policy to a comprehensive insurance option offers basic protection against weather-related damage and theft while the vehicle isn’t in use.

Adjusting Work Vehicle Policies

Perhaps you own a work vehicle that you’d like to use for personal purposes during the off-season. Adjusting the policy to reflect personal usage generally results in less expensive coverage. However, it’s important not to drop an insurance policy altogether, as providers often value continuous coverage.

Cincinnati, OH, drivers seeking more information about the importance of auto insurance adjustments are encouraged to contact McCluskey Insurance Services LLC. Our team of professionals will ensure you’re equipped to weather the seasonal changes confidently.

What Umbrella Insurance Covers

Individuals seek protection for their financial future. Umbrella insurance offers viable coverage for accidents in their dwellings and property. It is the most effective way to get extra coverage for an existing insurance policy. The McCluskey Insurance Services LLC in Cincinnati, OH can assist in showing how umbrella insurance becomes a safeguard for your possessions. 

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Insurance providers define umbrella insurance as extra coverage that protects your financial interest in case of an accident, fire, theft, or property damage. Also, it will provide financial protection in a potential liability lawsuit. Umbrella insurance will pay for all expenses after your existing insurance policy has exceeded its coverage limits.

How Umbrella Insurance Works

Most policyholders will add umbrella insurance as liability coverage to their commercial, home, auto, or boat policy. It will protect a business from potentially losing a lawsuit or insurance claim, as the sum could be greater than the policy’s payout amount. Also, it gives extended coverage to all in the household. Failing to have umbrella insurance could force you to close your business and turn over your assets. Instead, umbrella insurance will pay all claims beyond the policy’s limits.

Is Umbrella Insurance Worth The Coverage Provided?

A policyholder must ask himself if umbrella insurance is worth the coverage provided. It is if you have a significant financial portfolio, as umbrella insurance protects your interests. The protection is valuable in case of a potential lawsuit. However, the coverage will not pay for medical bills or property damage. Also, it will not reimburse for business losses.

If you are unsure if umbrella insurance is the right coverage for your needs, speak with McCluskey Insurance Services LLC in Cincinnati, OH. Our staff can ease your concerns by crafting coverage that protects your assets. Call and schedule a meeting today.

Home Insurance FAQs

Welcome to the world of informed home insurance decisions with McCluskey Insurance Services LLC, serving the greater Cincinnati, OH community. Understanding home insurance is crucial in safeguarding your haven. Let’s dive into some of the most common queries you might have.

What Does Home Insurance Typically Cover?

Home insurance generally protects your dwelling and personal belongings and offers liability coverage. This includes safeguarding against events like fires, theft, and certain natural disasters.

Why Is Home Insurance Important?

Your home is not just a building; it’s a treasured space. Home insurance is crucial as it guards this significant investment and offers peace of mind against unforeseen events.

How Do I Choose the Right Coverage?

Selecting the appropriate coverage involves assessing factors like your home’s value, location, and personal needs. At McCluskey Insurance Services LLC, we’re committed to crafting a policy that’s a perfect fit for you.

Can I Afford Home Insurance?

Home insurance is an investment in your security. We provide various options to suit different budgets, ensuring you find a policy that aligns with your financial situation.

How Do I Update My Policy?

Life changes, and so do your insurance needs. Updating your policy is simple. Whether it’s a new addition to your home or a change in your personal possessions, just give us a call, and we’ll handle the adjustments promptly.

What Happens If I Have a Claim?

In the event of a claim, our dedicated team is here to support you. We’ll guide you through the claims process, making it as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Got more questions? 

Reach out to McCluskey Insurance Services LLC today for expert guidance on home insurance in Cincinnati, OH. Together, we’ll ensure your home is well-protected and secure.

Could a Low-Mileage Auto Insurance Policy Help Me Stay On the Road?

At McCluskey Insurance Services LLC, we know that an insurance policy is essential for drivers in Cincinnati, OH, but the premiums can impact your budget leading to difficult choices. What you may not know is that there are options that can fit your lifestyle and help make driving more affordable. For instance, if you don’t drive much but still want to own and operate your car, you may be able to get coverage for limited mileage each year. Getting to church, visiting friends around town, or getting groceries can still be under your own power! We’re glad to help you find out what’s possible.

Low Mileage and Daytime Drivers

Two options that the Ohio Department of Insurance notes may be available to you are low mileage auto insurance rates and lower rates for agreeing to drive only during the daytime. The first may be applicable to seniors but also useful for those who work at home or otherwise have lifestyles that don’t involve much driving. If your vehicle spends most of its time parked, but you don’t want to go carless, this could be a great option for you. Our insurance specialists can help determine if this is something available in your case.

Consult With Us

Several other ways to possibly reduce your premiums include making sure to remove other drivers who don’t need to be on your policy, especially those with higher risks such as those under 18. You can also reduce optional coverage for an older vehicle where you aren’t concerned about collision damage to the vehicle. At McCluskey Insurance Services LLC call our team to stay mobile in Cincinnati, OH with optimized insurance coverage options to best meet your needs. 

Does Home Insurance Cover High-Value Collections?

For collectors in Cincinnati, OH, safeguarding their valuable collections – be it art, antiques, or memorabilia – is a top priority. If you have a special and valuable collection, here’s a look at how home insurance might treat coverage for it.

Understanding Standard Home Insurance Coverage

Most home insurance policies include coverage for personal property, which typically encompasses various items within your home. Furniture, electronics, clothing, and even some expensive items can be covered under personal property protection.

However, there are often limits to this coverage, especially for high-value collections.

Limits and Exclusions

Many standard home insurance policies have specific terms when it comes to high-value items:

  • Sub-limits: Home insurance policies usually have sub-limits for certain categories of items. This means that there’s a cap on the amount the insurance company will pay for a single item or a specific category, such as artwork, firearms, or other collectibles.
  • Exclusions: Certain types of high-value items might be excluded from standard policies, or the coverage may not be sufficient to cover their full value.

Protecting Your High-Value Collections:

To ensure adequate protection for your collections, you might take the following steps:

  • Additional Coverage: Consider purchasing additional coverage specifically for your collection. This is often available as a floater or a rider, which extends or adds to your existing home insurance policy, providing higher limits or broader coverage for specific items.
  • Specialized Policies: For very high-value or unique collections, a specialized insurance policy might be necessary. These policies are designed to cover the specific needs of rare or expensive collections. 

We at McCluskey Insurance Services LLC can usually find sufficient coverage through a floater or rider, but occasionally a more specialized policy is necessary.

Get Coverage for Your Collection

If you’re in Cincinnati, OH, and want to ensure that your high-value collections are adequately insured, contact us at McCluskey Insurance Services LLC. Our agents can help evaluate your current policy and guide you through other home insurance options if you need more protection.

Does Umbrella Insurance Cover Everyone in My Household?

Personal umbrella insurance policies protect against liability that exceeds your other policy limits. People sometimes call these policies family umbrella insurance because they cover all relatives and dependents living in your household. However, the coverage details can get tricky, so we recommend discussing your umbrella coverage with an agent at McCluskey Insurance Services LLC, serving Cincinnati, OH and surrounding areas. 

Covering Household Members

Umbrella insurance covers potential liabilities beyond other policy limits, so your insurance company needs to account for each individual covered by your home or auto policies. An auto policy, for example, covers household members and anyone else who might legally drive your vehicle. Of course, your insurer may adjust the premium on who lives in the household, their ages, and the vehicles in the household. 

Likewise, umbrella insurance generally covers all relatives and dependents living in the household, including children, teenagers, and the policyholder’s parents if they live there full-time. 

The trickiness comes with adult children and parents with separate home or auto policies. For example, some umbrella policies do not cover a child with a college apartment renters’ policy or a working adult child living at home with a separate auto policy. In other situations, the umbrella policy may cover all adults in the household, but its premiums are adjusted based on the presence of the separate policies and their liability limits.

As always, we recommend confirming your policy details with your agent before you need to make a claim.

We Are Here To Help

Each situation is unique, so reviewing your circumstances with your agent is best. For those living in or near Cincinnati, OH, consider discussing your umbrella or other insurance needs with our McCluskey Insurance Services LLC team. Call or stop in today.

What is the benefit of having a classic car insurance plan?

Being a classic car owner is a dream for car lovers throughout the Cincinnati, OH area. If you do buy a classic car, you will have a prized possession that can also be a great investment over the years. If you are looking to buy a classic car in this part of Ohio, getting insurance for it is critical. A specific classic car insurance plan is often a good option for those here. 

Cover the Full Value of the Car

A great reason to get a classic car insurance plan is so you can cover the full value of your car. A classic car can be a very significant investment and asset. When you get a classic car insurance plan, it can help to protect the value of your vehicle. This can include the collectible value of the vehicle, which often appreciates considerably over the years. 

Receive Liability Support

You should also get a classic car insurance plan to receive proper liability coverage. When you are going to own a classic car, you likely do not drive it very often. However, whenever you do take it out on the road, you are required to carry liability insurance. A classic car insurance plan will provide the coverage that you need but will also take into consideration the minimal mileage that you will put on the car, which can reduce your premiums.

Reach Out To Us

A classic car insurance plan is a good option for anyone with a classic car in the Cincinnati, OH area. If you are ready to start looking for a new classic car insurance policy, you can call our team with McCluskey Insurance Services LLC to discuss your needs. Our professionals with McCluskey Insurance Services LLC know the value of this coverage and can offer the help you need to build a new policy. 

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