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Home Insurance FAQs

Welcome to the world of informed home insurance decisions with McCluskey Insurance Services LLC, serving the greater Cincinnati, OH community. Understanding home insurance is crucial in safeguarding your haven. Let’s dive into some of the most common queries you might have.

What Does Home Insurance Typically Cover?

Home insurance generally protects your dwelling and personal belongings and offers liability coverage. This includes safeguarding against events like fires, theft, and certain natural disasters.

Why Is Home Insurance Important?

Your home is not just a building; it’s a treasured space. Home insurance is crucial as it guards this significant investment and offers peace of mind against unforeseen events.

How Do I Choose the Right Coverage?

Selecting the appropriate coverage involves assessing factors like your home’s value, location, and personal needs. At McCluskey Insurance Services LLC, we’re committed to crafting a policy that’s a perfect fit for you.

Can I Afford Home Insurance?

Home insurance is an investment in your security. We provide various options to suit different budgets, ensuring you find a policy that aligns with your financial situation.

How Do I Update My Policy?

Life changes, and so do your insurance needs. Updating your policy is simple. Whether it’s a new addition to your home or a change in your personal possessions, just give us a call, and we’ll handle the adjustments promptly.

What Happens If I Have a Claim?

In the event of a claim, our dedicated team is here to support you. We’ll guide you through the claims process, making it as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Got more questions? 

Reach out to McCluskey Insurance Services LLC today for expert guidance on home insurance in Cincinnati, OH. Together, we’ll ensure your home is well-protected and secure.

Does Home Insurance Cover High-Value Collections?

For collectors in Cincinnati, OH, safeguarding their valuable collections – be it art, antiques, or memorabilia – is a top priority. If you have a special and valuable collection, here’s a look at how home insurance might treat coverage for it.

Understanding Standard Home Insurance Coverage

Most home insurance policies include coverage for personal property, which typically encompasses various items within your home. Furniture, electronics, clothing, and even some expensive items can be covered under personal property protection.

However, there are often limits to this coverage, especially for high-value collections.

Limits and Exclusions

Many standard home insurance policies have specific terms when it comes to high-value items:

  • Sub-limits: Home insurance policies usually have sub-limits for certain categories of items. This means that there’s a cap on the amount the insurance company will pay for a single item or a specific category, such as artwork, firearms, or other collectibles.
  • Exclusions: Certain types of high-value items might be excluded from standard policies, or the coverage may not be sufficient to cover their full value.

Protecting Your High-Value Collections:

To ensure adequate protection for your collections, you might take the following steps:

  • Additional Coverage: Consider purchasing additional coverage specifically for your collection. This is often available as a floater or a rider, which extends or adds to your existing home insurance policy, providing higher limits or broader coverage for specific items.
  • Specialized Policies: For very high-value or unique collections, a specialized insurance policy might be necessary. These policies are designed to cover the specific needs of rare or expensive collections. 

We at McCluskey Insurance Services LLC can usually find sufficient coverage through a floater or rider, but occasionally a more specialized policy is necessary.

Get Coverage for Your Collection

If you’re in Cincinnati, OH, and want to ensure that your high-value collections are adequately insured, contact us at McCluskey Insurance Services LLC. Our agents can help evaluate your current policy and guide you through other home insurance options if you need more protection.

Simple Steps to Finding and Purchasing the Perfect Starter Home

Finding and purchasing a starter home here in the Cincinnati, OH area can be an intimidating process, but it doesn’t have to be. With a few tips from us at McCluskey Insurance Services LLC, you can find the perfect starter home that fits your budget and needs. 

Purchasing the Perfect Starter Home

The first step in finding and purchasing your dream home is to determine what type of home you need. This includes deciding on features such as size, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, location, etc. Once you have identified your desired criteria for a starter home, it’s time to start shopping around! Research neighborhoods in areas you like and look at real estate listings online or in newspapers to get an idea of what’s available within your budget. 

Next, it’s important to make sure that the property meets all legal requirements before making an offer. Hire a professional inspector to assess the condition of the house before signing a sales agreement. The inspector will provide detailed information about any potential problems with the property that may need to be addressed before closing on the deal. 

Once all inspections are complete and you have found a suitable starter home that meets your criteria and budget, it’s time to make an offer. Before submitting an offer on the property, consult with a qualified real estate agent for advice on how much money you should put down as well as negotiating strategies for getting the best possible deal on your new home purchase. 

We Can Help!

For more tips or to explore an insurance policy to cover your new home, give us at McCluskey Insurance Services LLC a call today! We are proud to serve the Cincinnati, OH area and would be happy to help you find a policy that meets your needs.

Things that home insurance won’t cover

Home insurance covers lots of things, but unfortunately, it doesn’t cover everything. You need to know exactly what isn’t covered so that you will be able to get additional insurance if you need it.  At McCluskey Insurance Services LLC in Cincinnati, OH, we are independent insurance agents and can offer our customers choices. 

Home Insurance Exclusions

Wear and tear

Things that you use every day, like your refrigerator and hot water heater get old, they wear out and stop working. This is not something that is covered by your home insurance. You can buy insurance for appliances and other things in your home. 


Termites can destroy your home. This is an area that you are required to deal with before you end up with a serious problem. Treatments are available to stop or control a termite infestation. As the homeowner, it is your responsibility to make sure that termites don’t destroy your home with preventative intervention. 


Mold is not only a danger for your home, but it is also dangerous for you, and it usually isn’t covered. Check your policy. 

Earth movement

Earth movement refers to things like an earthquake, a sinkhole, mudslides, and landslides. If you have concerns, you can purchase a separate policy for this coverage. 


Floods cause a lot of damage, but your typical home insurance policy excludes them. You can get a separate flood insurance policy, and if you live in a flood plain, your lender will probably require that you do that.

Acts of War/Terrorism

War, including undeclared war, civil war, insurrection, rebellion, or revolution. While acts of terrorism are not specifically referred to, it is something that may be up for debate when it comes to filing a claim. 

More Questions? Give Us A Call

Contact McCluskey Insurance Services LLC, serving the greater Cincinnati, OH community, for all your home issuance needs. 


Should You Include Home Insurance in Your Mortgage?

There are a few things to know about home insurance if you purchase a home. Home insurance isn’t automatically included in your mortgage payment, but you have options that can help you save time and make the process of keeping up with your home insurance easier. So, should you include home insurance in your mortgage payment?

McCluskey Insurance Services LLC in Cincinnati, OH is here to guide you through the process of getting the best results. 

Including Home Insurance in Your Mortgage 

Your home insurance isn’t necessarily included in your mortgage, but rather you have mortgage insurance. If you want to get home insurance included, you’ll need to have it put into escrow along with property tax payments. This is a convenient and safe option for many homeowners, allowing them more reliability. However, this isn’t mandatory in most situations. If you prefer to pay your premiums separately, you will likely have the setup unless there are special terms and conditions. 

Finding the Right Insurance Options for Your Home

If you plan to purchase a home and want to explore insurance products, you’ll need an experienced insurance agent to walk you through selecting the best insurance products. They do this by assessing your current situation and considering levels of coverage and any additional needs related to the home and its occupants. 

Contact Us Today

Get the best home insurance by calling or stopping by McCluskey Insurance Services LLC in Cincinnati, OH today. One of our agents can give you the specialized service you need to create the best outcome. We look forward to helping you get reliable insurance coverage to protect your investments. 

What Happens If I Cancel My Home Insurance Policy Early?

If you cancel your home insurance, you might be elligible for penalities and fines. Switching providers may be expensive due to fines, additional fees, and money owing. Consider the costs and benefits before canceling your insurance. If you do switch, contact your mortgage company. If you live in Cincinnati, OH, call McCluskey Insurance Services LLC.

Consequences of Canceling Homeowners Insurance 

The procedure of canceling your home insurance is quite simple. But bear in mind that insurance providers do not allow policy cancellations within 60 days after purchase. You must have had a policy for at least that period to be eligible for cancellation. 

Call your agent or company and write a letter informing them of your decision to cancel the coverage. Include your policy number, name, insured home address, and planned cancellation date in the letter. You can also request the provider to pay you for the shortfall if you paid your subscription in full. 

Send a physical letter to insurance office and keep the receipt duplicate. Many insurance companies impose a penalty if you cancel your coverage before it expires. The costs vary significantly between insurance companies, so check with yours to see what they are and how you may avoid them. 

You may also owe money to your insurance provider if you cancel. Most insurance companies provide home insurance financing for a set period. Your monthly payments will cover the cost if you retain your coverage for the whole policy period. You may pay the difference if you cancel halfway through.

Contact Us Today

Canceling your insurance plan and switching suppliers might save you money or give you better coverage. But you should weigh all costs and rewards carefully. These might include cancellation fees or any outstanding liabilities. If you switch insurance providers, ensure the old and new plans, overlap to keep your escrow account active. For help, contact McCluskey Insurance Services LLC in Cincinnati, OH.

Which type of home insurance do I need?

Few people know the complexity of home insurance in Cincinnati, OH. McCluskey Insurance Services LLC wants you to understand why you should meet with an insurance agent to choose your home insurance.

Eight different home insurance policy types exist. Most people ask for home insurance without knowing that and they may end up with a HO-3 policy when they need something else. The HO-3 gets called "standard homeowner’s" insurance, but there really is no such thing.

If you have filed many claims, you will need a HO-1 policy, but if you have a historic home or you own an architecturally significant home, you’ll need a HO-8 policy.

Perhaps you rent your home. No matter whether you rent an apartment or house, condo or flat, you need renters’ insurance – HO-4. However, if you own the condo or apartment, you need HO-6. The HO-4 only covers your personal belongings and liability, but HO-6 covers any property damage to your home, too.

There is home insurance for RVs. It comes in two versions – one if you travel in the RV, the other for living in the RV – called a full-timer policy.

You have options on how many perils you want to cover. You can choose a range from ten to 16 to all-perils insurance. A peril is any natural event that could damage your home, such as a tornado, hail, earthquake, lightning, etc. Only flood is not included. You need a separate policy for that.

Contact McCluskey Insurance Services LLC serving Cincinnati, OH for more information on home insurance. We can help you solve the complex puzzle of how to cover your home for property damage, personal belongings, and liability.

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