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What Happens If I Cancel My Home Insurance Policy Early?

If you cancel your home insurance, you might be elligible for penalities and fines. Switching providers may be expensive due to fines, additional fees, and money owing. Consider the costs and benefits before canceling your insurance. If you do switch, contact your mortgage company. If you live in Cincinnati, OH, call McCluskey Insurance Services LLC.

Consequences of Canceling Homeowners Insurance 

The procedure of canceling your home insurance is quite simple. But bear in mind that insurance providers do not allow policy cancellations within 60 days after purchase. You must have had a policy for at least that period to be eligible for cancellation. 

Call your agent or company and write a letter informing them of your decision to cancel the coverage. Include your policy number, name, insured home address, and planned cancellation date in the letter. You can also request the provider to pay you for the shortfall if you paid your subscription in full. 

Send a physical letter to insurance office and keep the receipt duplicate. Many insurance companies impose a penalty if you cancel your coverage before it expires. The costs vary significantly between insurance companies, so check with yours to see what they are and how you may avoid them. 

You may also owe money to your insurance provider if you cancel. Most insurance companies provide home insurance financing for a set period. Your monthly payments will cover the cost if you retain your coverage for the whole policy period. You may pay the difference if you cancel halfway through.

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Canceling your insurance plan and switching suppliers might save you money or give you better coverage. But you should weigh all costs and rewards carefully. These might include cancellation fees or any outstanding liabilities. If you switch insurance providers, ensure the old and new plans, overlap to keep your escrow account active. For help, contact McCluskey Insurance Services LLC in Cincinnati, OH.

How to Insure Your Classic Car: Tips and Tricks

Purchasing the right classic car can be a great investment move. Once you are done with the purchase, it’s time to think about protecting the investment by insuring it. Here are tips and tricks to get the best deal on your classic car insurance in Cincinnati, OH. 

1. Make Sure Your Classic Automobile Is in Tip-Top Condition

Many classic cars usually have some mechanical, structural, or electrical problem because of their age. When a car insurance provider finds out your vehicle is not in working perfect condition, they are likely to view it as more likely to be in an accident and more expensive to insure. They will pass this expensive cost to you as higher insurance rates. Therefore, before insuring your classic car, make sure that everything works well and is in tip-top condition. 

2. Ascertain the Value of Your Classic Car

Although most classic cars appreciate over time, some do this faster than others. Therefore, it’s easy to assume that your classic car is more valuable than it is. This will mean that your insurance premiums will be higher because the auto insurer will believe they are insuring a more expensive car. At McCluskey Insurance Services LLC, we recommend that you do a valuation for your classic car to find out its real value. Thus, you will avoid paying higher premiums than necessary. 

3. Be Vigilant About Your Classic Car’s Security

Classic cars don’t have groundbreaking security features, and they can easily be stolen. Therefore, auto insurance providers believe that classic vehicles are high risk and charge high rates. However, you can avoid these high rates by being vigilant about your classic car’s security. This involves installing a tracker, an engine cut-off device, and storing the vehicle in a locked garage rather than the driveway. 

Do you want to get classic car insurance in Cincinnati, OH? At McCluskey Insurance Services LLC, we are ready to answer all your classic car insurance questions. Call us today.

Required Auto Insurance in Ohio

In Ohio, as in other states, it is required that all vehicle owners have auto insurance for their vehicles. And, they must carry proof that they carry this insurance to be compliant with the law. If you are in Cincinnati, OH, and need auto insurance, call us today at McCluskey Insurance Services LLC. 

Required Auto Insurance in Ohio

Liability Coverage

Like many states, there are specific types of coverage that have to be present in your auto policy. There are two different types of liability coverage required with three different amounts of coverage required. All of these must be in place in order to drive your vehicle legally. In Ohio, drivers must have bodily injury liability coverage with one amount available for a single person injured in an accident that was caused by your vehicle. A second amount has to be available for everyone who was injured in such an accident. 

The other type of coverage required is property damage liability. This provides a set maximum amount for damage done to someone else’s property in an injury that was caused by your vehicle. This does not pay for any damage to your own vehicle. 

Minimum Amounts in Ohio

All three of these state-required amounts have to be present in your auto coverage, but you can always add extra coverage to your policy. Ohio has very low minimum amounts required for its auto insurance, and it is likely not to be enough in the case of a serious accident occurring. 

Get Your Ohio Auto Insurance Policy

You’re putting yourself at risk when you drive in Ohio and haven’t gotten auto insurance yet. Don’t risk facing fees and fines as well as expensive medical and property damage bills after an accident. To get your auto policy in Cincinnati, OH, give us a call today at McCluskey Insurance Services LLC. 



How umbrella insurance helps you

In Cincinnati, OH, McCluskey Insurance Services LLC offers many types of insurance, but one of the most useful, umbrella insurance, you can only buy when you already have another, primary policy. That’s because umbrella insurance is secondary insurance, meaning that you add it to a primary policy.

Umbrella insurance adds to your liability coverage. You can only add this policy to a primary insurance policy that already includes liability coverage. That means you can add it to auto, home, commercial, RV insurance and others that include liability coverage.

When you file a claim on the primary policy, it can run out of liability coverage quickly. This is especially true of auto insurance. The umbrella policy kicks in when your liability on the primary policy runs out. As long as you have an umbrella policy, it automatically kicks in to cover what the primary did not.

The result of this is less money out of your pocket. You won’t have to pay for a settlement out of pocket.

Without the umbrella policy, if someone got injured in an auto accident you caused after your auto insurance liability coverage paid out, it would be up to you to pay the remainder of the settlement or medical bills. You would have to pay for that out of your own pocket.

Contact McCluskey Insurance Services LLC serving Cincinnati, OH to find out why the low cost of umbrella insurance makes good investment sense. Save yourself from needing to borrow money out of your savings or retirement to pay off a settlement. Add umbrella insurance to your primary coverage today. Let us help you set it up.

Which type of home insurance do I need?

Few people know the complexity of home insurance in Cincinnati, OH. McCluskey Insurance Services LLC wants you to understand why you should meet with an insurance agent to choose your home insurance.

Eight different home insurance policy types exist. Most people ask for home insurance without knowing that and they may end up with a HO-3 policy when they need something else. The HO-3 gets called "standard homeowner’s" insurance, but there really is no such thing.

If you have filed many claims, you will need a HO-1 policy, but if you have a historic home or you own an architecturally significant home, you’ll need a HO-8 policy.

Perhaps you rent your home. No matter whether you rent an apartment or house, condo or flat, you need renters’ insurance – HO-4. However, if you own the condo or apartment, you need HO-6. The HO-4 only covers your personal belongings and liability, but HO-6 covers any property damage to your home, too.

There is home insurance for RVs. It comes in two versions – one if you travel in the RV, the other for living in the RV – called a full-timer policy.

You have options on how many perils you want to cover. You can choose a range from ten to 16 to all-perils insurance. A peril is any natural event that could damage your home, such as a tornado, hail, earthquake, lightning, etc. Only flood is not included. You need a separate policy for that.

Contact McCluskey Insurance Services LLC serving Cincinnati, OH for more information on home insurance. We can help you solve the complex puzzle of how to cover your home for property damage, personal belongings, and liability.

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